Read 7 Tips and Tutorials: How To Help A dull child become Smart Academically

No child is a dullard, it all depends on how they are been treated and what they like doing and how they like doing it. Are you battling with how to help A dull child become smart academically? and it is giving you a tough time in your home on how to help a dull child? You may need to try out the following tips, knowing how to help a dull child become smart academically can help boost the child’s academic excellence…

7 Tips On How To Help A dull child become Smart Academically

When we talk about how to help a dull child, let me inform you that it is a thing of joy for every parent to see their child perform well in school. But it can be disturbing if such a child is dull academically, and finds it hard to learn fast like their mates. However, that a child is dull academically does not mean that he/she will not pick up to be smart. We have carefully come out with proven tips on how to help a dull child be smart academically and otherwise.

Causes Of Dull Child Academic Performance: How to Help Dull Child

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Permissive Atmosphere At Home: Some parents are not strict with their children when it comes to creating and maintaining a routine as well as educating them in values such as responsibility and perseverance. In a lot of these cases, the parents are not even interested in knowing what their child’s homework is about. It is clear that a parent’s bad attitude can significantly reduce a child’s performance in school they are only after their job or business. Many children avoid doing their school work because their parents set bad examples. This has negative consequences in the short, medium and long term. Parents can also influence their child’s performance negatively if they delegate their responsibilities to technology.

Poor Family Background: Poor academic performance can also be a reflection of problems at home. The most common problems in most cases are:

  • Alcoholism.
  • Financial problems at home.

There are ones that one can be called incurable diseases (of one of the parents or close relatives). This is especially true when the person is in a terminal phase. Child can cause poor academic performance. The stress and fear that occurs when they’re at home generate tension that prevents them from focusing on school work. Also, financial problems and health problems can also significantly affect a child’s academic performance. For example, a child who is sick with cancer can be a serious concern to the child and it can take up all of his/her attention in the classroom.

Post-traumatic Stress And Emotional Distress: Post-traumatic stress can cause low academic performance in a child. It is not always easy to identify but when it is, it must be attended to by a professional. This condition usually manifests with the following symptoms:

  • Fear.
  • Nightmares.
  • Irritability.
  • Isolation.
  • Nervousness.
  • Lack of motivation.
  • Adoption of atypical behaviour.

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Disorders that are associated with poor academic performance

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder: This is a condition that affects approximately 20% of the world’s children population. ADHD is characterized by increased motor excitability running, jumping and difficulty focusing in the classroom of a child. Unfortunately, due to a lack of information, the term “problem child” is often used and the condition goes untreated. Detecting and treating the disorder will help improve the dull child’s academic performance.

Having Learning Difficulties: This is an act of finding it difficult to learn. It is a very common factor than you think. Notwithstanding, always have it in mind that learning difficulties do not imply mental retardation. These difficulties can affect a child to a greater or lesser degree depending on the case. It is always necessary to put into practice a sustainable strategy to solve the problem.

A good example of learning difficulties diseases is dyslexia or dyscalculia are causes of dull academic performance in children.

Rest And Sleep Outline: If you feel because a child is dull, you need to keep bombarding his head with learning then you may be getting it wrong. Some people will say “he’s so dull, let me keep teaching him till he knows it” no, as much as the child needs to learn, he also needs a good resting and sleeping routine. Having enough rest and sleep help a child develop his/her brain. Let your child rest and get enough sleep, a child should sleep nothing less than 8-10 hours in the night which actually depends on their age.

Watch The Child’s Diet: What has the child been children are in their growth and development season and what they eat really matters a lot because a child’s meals contribute to brain development, eating too much junk, oily food and too many carbohydrates may contribute to a child’s dullness. Help your child, give them food that develops their brain such as honey, cheese, egg, fruits and vegetables.

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Causes Of Academic Faliour In A Dull Child

As a parent knowing that you have a dull child who is academically dull is always a worry. This is because 80% of the major factors that can contribute to the growth and development of a child are his parents or guides and environment. However, from our, fundings there are two factors that cause it. They are External and Internal factors.

  • The External Factors include school environment, social interaction, teachers and teaching techniques.
  • The Internal Factors may involve problems at home, as well as the child’s emotional state and maturity.

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