How To Apply For A Canadian Visa:7 Keys To Get A Student Visa Now For Canada in 2022

To Apply for a Canadian visa the basic requirements depend so much on the purpose of your intended stay in Canada and whether you plan to stay temporarily or settle permanently in Canada. You can acquire a visa, either for permanent or temporary residency. Sounds Interesting? if yes, Read through as we …

How To Apply For A Canadia Visa

If you are interested in studying, visiting, or even working in Canada, or permanently moving to Canada, you must first, apply for a visa or permit. Canadian visas are usually issued by a visa office within a Canadian embassy outside of Canada. However, the visa type is depending on the purpose or length of your visit to Canada, citizens of visa-exempt countries may not require a visa; however, they will need to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA.

Canadian Visa requirements depend so much on the purpose of your intended stay in Canada and whether you plan to stay temporarily or settle permanently in Canada. You can acquire a visa, either for permanent or temporary residency. Also to get your visa, Canadian Embassy, will always demand from visitors and immigrant applicants their a prove to show that they comply with the criteria set by Canada to be approved for a visa.

If you are already in Canada and your visa will expire soon, you may be able to ask for an extension of your stay without leaving Canada.

How TO Get A Student Visa For Canada Without Stress

Every year, over a thousand international students choose to study at Canadian universities. In addition to a high-quality education system, Canada also provides numerous possibilities and vibrant culture. If you are still not sure where you want to study in Canada, you will have to decide before you can start your student visa application process. Then after being accepted at a Canadian university, you will be issued an acceptance letter that will be required for the visa application.

What Are The Required Documents For A Canada Visa?

Here are the documents required for a Canada Visa:

  1. Your passport.
  2. Appropriate Canada visa application form.
  3. Proof of paid Canada visa fees.
  4. Proof of clean criminal record.
  5. Proof of being in good health through a medical exam.
  6. Photographs in accordance with the photo requirements for a Canada visa.
  7. Proof of financial means.
  8. Proof you will return to your home country once the Canadian visa expires.
  9. Identity and Civil Status Documents.
  10. A cover letter that explains the purpose of your travel to Canada.

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Types Of Canadian Visa Fees

When applying for a Canada visa, note that you will have to pay an application fee and any other fees that are necessary for processing. These are otherwise known as Embassy Fees for Canada, but, however, the amount depends on what type of visa you are applying for. There are five groups of Canada visa fees they are:

  • Permanent Residence fees
  • Family Sponsorship fees
  • Citizenship fees
  • Temporary Residence fees
  • Other applications and services fees

CanadaTemporary Residence fees: Temporary residence fees are those types of temporary visas that are given to international visitors in Canada. These include Canada tourist visa fees and Canada student visa fees, Business Visa fees, Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Fees and so on

Canada Permanent Residence fees: These are the type of applicant fees that you have to incur if you want to permanently immigrate to Canada or be a resident of Canada. Examples of permanent residence fees are:

  • Right of permanent residence fee (RPRF)
  • Business Immigration Fees
  • Economic Immigration Fees
  • Protected persons’ immigration fees
  • Permanent resident cards fee
  • Permanent resident travel document

Canada Family Sponsorship Fees: Family sponsorships allow people who are already citizens or permanent residents of Canada to sponsor their family members so they can get family reunions. There are three types of family sponsorship fees, such as:

  • Sponsoring adopted children and other relatives
  • Sponsor your parents and grandparents
  • Sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, or children

Canada Citizenship Fees: These fees apply basically to those who are seeking to become citizens of Canada. They can be application fees or other fees.

Canada’s other Visa Application Fees: This type of Canada visa fee can also be applied by any of the aforementioned, there are also some Canadian visa application fees that do not necessarily fit there.

Types Of Canada Visa

Applying for Canada Visa is quite challenging sometimes as it involves a lot of research and paperwork. However, the main point is to understand what the Canadian authorities demand from potential immigrants and then select the course accordingly. Always remember that Canada itself requires immigration, so if you find the right track which would benefit you and also shows how Canada can profit from having you then you will successfully have a Canada visa. But before that, you need to ensure that you have the immigration request options which will suits you properly.
Depending upon your objectives and personal conditions there are many ways of obtaining Canadian visas and permanent residency.

Temporary Visas:
A Canadian Temporary Visa is a great option for those who wish to come to Canada for studies, work or for vacations. If you are planning to be in Canada only for a limited period of time, then Temporary Visa is the best option for you.

Student Visas:
The benefit of studying in Canada is that you get the right to bring your family as well as a spouse with you. You can also apply for an open work permit in Canada after the completion of your Studies. It is the ideal destination for International Students as the Canadian government provides complete rights and freedom of work while studying.

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